So many of the best editorials seem to emerge from Lula. And it's logical why I (and others) am a fan when the founder Leith Clark built Lula on the idea of a magazine for women outside of the voyeuristic male gaze usually present in editorials. It's not meant to be the "Bible of fashion" or a break-down of the latest trends, but rather a blend of fashion and feminism and pure fun. So yeah, I'm a fan even if a physical issue of the magazine is nearly impossible to hunt down in my town. Still thanks to the web some of the most beautiful shots are only a few clicks away. Case in point: Une Femme Est Une Femme modeled by Stella Vaudran photographed by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello and featured in Lula's 19th issue. Beautiful clothes, bold images--the saturated backgrounds are so simple but stunning. 


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