When Modcloth asked me to DIY their charter school cardigan I instantly knew what I wanted to make. Because the charter school cardigan comes in a variety of colors (and patterns) it was the perfect choice for a “court jester” or two tone cardigan. I like the idea of using a striped cardigan and a solid color one, but for this DIY I went with two more basic colors that I knew would work with a lot of items in my wardrobe; specifically camel and peacock.
What you need:
-2 cardigans
-seam ripper
-needle + thread OR sewing machine
Step 1: Using a seam ripper remove the labels from both cardigans.

Step 2: Pin a line down the center of your cardigan--pinning was always the step I liked to skip when I was younger but these help ensure straight lines which are essential to having your two cardigans match up. Cut along the line. Repeat for 2nd cardigan.

Step 3: Now that your cardigans are both halved, pin two halves of the cardigans together. Pin them from the inside and be certain to choose the left side of one cardigan and the right side of the second one.

Step 4: With your two contrasting cardigans pinned together you are ready to sew. One option is to use a machine; for this material I used a zigzag setting with the stitch length between 2.5mm and 3mm. Your second option is to hand sew--I used an overcast stitch to prevent the material from unraveling.
You're finished! Perhaps the best part of this DIY is you have the potential for two cardigans in the end, which is perfect this season--I’m giving my second cardigan to a friend for Christmas.
P.S. The dress I'm wearing is by Rusty Cuts.


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