As evidenced by my photographs earlier this week we've been enjoying quite a bit of snow in my area lately. Snow makes every picture on my street more magical, but also complicates the picture-taking process as my fingers grow numb long before I've satisfied my creative urge to capture the moment. Needles to say, self-timer pictures are even more difficult, so it's rather nice to have a couple of friends willing to help me continue snapping my outfits--which is also important as my dress today is 50% off as a special winter treat from Nina, the designer. It's a sweet jumper; I really like the pattern and the unique rounded pockets although I did have to bundle up and cover a good portion of the dress with a sweater. Family Affairs is one of my favorite fashion lines and I always love how well-made her clothes are, so it's lovely to share this discount with you today. If this jumper isn't your style Nina is doing a different "winter treat" every day from her current collection which features everything from overalls to fuzzy coats to star print dresses and you can find the discounts on her blog. I'm pretty sure my first Family Affairs purchase was from one of these sales and it certainly hasn't been my last!


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